, a UK-based home furnishing platform founded by Chinese, has seen explosive growth in 2020

Source:77°, a British online home furnishing platform, was founded by Li Ning, a Chinese native of Foshan., a British online home furnishing platform, was founded by Li Ning, a Chinese native of Foshan.

官网图_gaitubao_600x600.jpg posts trendy furniture designs online, allows consumers to vote on their favorite furniture, and orders the designs directly to factories in China. The furniture is then shipped by sea to consumers' homes in the UK.

Due to the elimination of intermediate links, product prices have dropped significantly, and the revenue of has increased year by year, which has achieved great success in Europe.

Recently, launched a survey of 1,000 adults in the UK with the theme of "Current People's Home Improvement Needs".

The overall findings indicate that as people spend more time at home, they tend to spend more on beautifying their homes.

Specifically, among the 1,000 users surveyed, 68% of users said that they will buy furniture or household items through online channels at least once a month in 2020; 19% of users said that they buy furniture online more than once a week.

40% of users surveyed stated that they bought new home furnishings during the epidemic lockdown; 40% of users also re-planned the layout of existing furniture in order to change the indoor environment to a new look. The strong purchase demand of consumers is also reflected in the search volume of users on the platform—user searches for art decorations, bedding and bedroom decorations have increased by 117%, 122% and 177% respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the number of searches and orders placed by users for small desks has increased by 6 times, which fully reflects the huge demand for home office furniture and equipment during the national lockdown.

For outdoor home furnishings, 40% of survey users have renovated their courtyards in the past year. And's outdoor furniture sales also increased by 110% year-on-year.

Finally, for the coming year, one in four people plan to renovate their home, and another one in five plan to spend money on new home construction.

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