eHaier Smart Home Whole House Custom Summit: C2S2F Mode with Customized Service

Provide a whole house custom decoration, smart home scene and other programs with standardized processes.


eHaier is the official interactive platform of Haier Group. It triggers on the interaction of the community, collects user needs, and customizes solutions for personalized family life scenarios through ecological collaboration. At present, there are seven categories of products, including household appliances, home improvement, maternal and child toys, department stores, life services, financial management, digital 3C and other seven categories of differentiated products and services. Wang Jian said: "We interacted according to four scenarios and seven major integrations. The four major scenes are mainly divided into smart living room, smart bathroom, smart kitchen and smart bedroom, to meet the needs of a user's daily life and build a home. ”


It is understood that eHaier began to expand the home improvement business in 2018, and based on user interaction to form a smart home full house customization model: relying on the interaction of the community on the eHaier platform, automatically collect and analyze user needs through the "demand treasure", and provide effective demand to Operator. The designers on the platform designed a smart home solution that integrates and customized the whole house according to the user's needs, and put the whole solution on the platform.


It is reported that during the Haier eHaier Wisdom House Customs Summit, eHaier signed a contract with more than 20 suppliers including Quanyou, Jinyu, Ai Space, Shuanghu and Yizhifeng to jointly establish a “Home Ecology Alliance” with the aim of opening up. A resource provider channel that works together to provide a customized solution for the user.




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