Midea released the first smart home operating system based on HarmonyOS

Midea proposes new home scene concept.

On October 14, Midea Group held a 2021-Midea intelligent conference at its Shunde Headquarters. At the meeting, Midea issued a smart home industry' s first open harmony 2.0-based distributed operating system-Midea Internet Operating System 1.0.

This marks the beautiful and HarmonyOS' s deep cooperation finally landed on the specific product, and this operating system is expected to be promoted to the Midea.

According to the company, the Midea and Huawei HarmonyOS will cooperate in the second half of 2021 to achieve the full-class full class of more than 200 Harmony products. At present, the Midea occupies 28% market share in the field of smart home appliances, and the kitchen and baths occupy 21%. Prior to this, Huawei changed the development goals of Harmony, from 3 billion sets to 400 million units.

In addition, the Midea IoT vice president and CTO shared the Midea to Jiang Xu, the definition and thinking of home intelligence L0 ~ L4, as well as the concept of "Yuan Home Times".

The Midea-Yuan home era can be so defined, based on the basic technology such as perception, communication, AI, big data, virtual reality, combining three spaces, realizing digital family twins, providing users with new Internet of Things application and interactive experience. These three large space fingers, physical space (people / environment), Internet space (information / service), virtual space (metamori).

Thus, the vision of Midea Group, can be summarized, to create a deep smart product + homage intelligent scene + native intelligent application, using Internet network technology to achieve more intelligent home life. For example, the deep smart product electric water heater cloud tube home can realize the use of water habits, free time without heating, and hot water.

Xiang Jiangxu said, the launch of the Midea Internet of Things operating system is to give the user a plug-and-play unified platform, without each home appliance product is equipped with an app.

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