Midea' s smart home subsidiary IPO has been accepted!

The company's current main products include household appliances such as ceiling lamps, bath heaters, switch sockets and fingerprint locks.

On July 1, Midea Group issued an announcement stating that its subsidiary, Meizhi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., had its initial public offering of shares and its application for listing on the ChiNext Board was accepted by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Public information shows that Meizhi Optoelectronics was established in 2001 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The company is mainly engaged in smart home consumer equipment manufacturing, smart home consumer equipment sales, digital home product manufacturing, smart instrumentation manufacturing, lighting fixture manufacturing and other projects.

According to the official flagship store of Meizhi Optoelectronics, the company' s current main products include ceiling lamps, bath heaters, switch sockets, fingerprint locks and other household appliances.

In fact, Midea has already prepared for the independent operation of Midea Optoelectronics. According to Tianyancha, in May 2020, the business scope of Meizhi Optoelectronics will be changed, and related businesses such as smart home consumer equipment manufacturing, artificial intelligence application software development, and Internet of Things technology research and development will be added, becoming one of the layouts of the smart home field of Midea Group.

Zhang Xiaoyi, Vice President and CIO of Midea Group and President of IoT Business Unit, previously pointed out at Midea’s IoT Media Smart Sharing Conference that he hopes that through the implementation of “full digitization and full intelligence”, Midea can become a technology-based company in three years and drive the entire value chain operation.

According to its statement, Midea plans to "shift from a hardware-based model to a new model of software-driven hardware and content generation services." In this regard, he focused on the "5G + Industrial Internet", AI, industrial simulation technology and other fields.

In terms of software, Midea specifically launched a Meiju APP as the user portal for smart homes. In addition, Midea has also reached a cooperation with Huawei to put hundreds of smart home products equipped with the Harmony system on the shelves. In the future, more Midea smart home products equipped with the Harmony system will be launched on the market.

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