Red Star Macalline signs contract with JoCleaner Group to expand the household cleaning market

The two major brands are conducting cross-border integration in areas such as expanding product sales markets.

On October 13, Red Star Macalline Group and JoCleaner Group held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shanghai.

Red Star Macalline is one of the leading home furnishing stores and shopping malls in China; JoCleaner Group owns well-known international brands such as Radar, Bi Lizhu, Mr. Wittman, Red Bird, etc., which dominate the global consumer product series market. Red Star Macalline and JoCleaner Group are very consistent in their industrial channel layout and corporate philosophy.

Guo Cuifang, general manager of Red Star Macalline Group Center, stated that Red Star Macalline is the first A+H share listed company in China' s home retail industry. JoCleaner Group has a world-renowned home cleaning brand, and both parties are creating a better home and a better life. As the initiator of this strategic cooperation, she aims to organically combine the two major brands and conduct cross-border integration in the field of industrial space construction and operation, urban renewal, and expansion of product sales markets.

In order to fully tap and utilize the brand and resource advantages of both parties, and achieve business complementarity and integrated development, Red Star Macalline and JoCleaner will establish a comprehensive strategic cooperation mechanism and establish a long-term cooperation leadership committee. The strategic partnership between the two influential companies will help the two parties reach a win-win cooperation.

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