The opening of NITORI Shanghai store, the Chinese territory has expanded again!

NITORI joins hands with Liweijia to create a new position for customization of the whole house.

On September 29, NITORI' s flagship store in Shanghai opened grandly in Xujiahui, further expanding the Chinese market.

Liweijia attended the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony as a strategic partner. After more than 2 years of cooperation, Liweijia and NITORI have established in-depth cooperation. Liweijia is the largest supplier of NITORI' s whole-house customization business in mainland China, providing full-process services from design, to production, to distribution and installation, laying the foundation for NITORI to quickly open the Chinese market.

As the third most valuable retailer in Japan, NITORI has established a leading position in the Japanese home furnishing market with a sales gap that is nearly 7 times higher than that of IKEA.

In addition, NITORI has more than 500 stores worldwide, and it is expected to open 100 stores in China in 2022. Now, the rival that has given IKEA a headache has launched a larger-scale contest in the Chinese market.

The cooperation between Liweijia and NITORI originated after NITORI entered the Chinese market, and Liweijia found its strong home retail strength. As the Japanese version of IKEA, NITORI' s business categories range from sofas, beds, and furniture to curtains, carpets, pots and pans, etc., which coincide with the supply chain system of the Liweijia home platform.

At the same time, Nitori has rich experience in soft furnishings such as sofa beds, dining tables, chairs and curtains, but it has always been blank in custom furniture. The many years of furniture customization experience and capabilities of Liweijia home have allowed NITORI to see the possibility of entering the custom furniture business. The design and installation services that NITORI lacks are precisely Liweijia strengths.

From the beginning of NITORI' s involvement in customization, Liweijia has provided full-process services from pre-design to production, and then to installation. NITORI only takes care of market sales. It can be said that in terms of custom-made furniture, as far as Nitori is concerned, Liweijia is the role of enlightenment education.

The positioning of the NITORI brand is the retail of household goods in the whole house. After the introduction of customization, it has realized a real baggage check-in in a sense. Also because of customization, NITORI' s entire product system is more complete, ensuring the continuity of its business categories, and helping NITORI complete the overall match and the true concept of the whole house.

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