British furniture maker said it was unaffected by the fuel shortage, but worried about the future

Fuel is inseparable from all aspects of the British furniture industry. If there is a shortage of fuel, it will be even worse for the already severely lagging supply chain.

According to reports, there is a shortage of fuel in the UK, and there have been a large number of people panic buying for four consecutive days, and there have been long queues at petrol stations. The government is ready to send military tank trucks and use the army to help solve the fuel supply problem.

In response, the British home furnishing media KBB Review conducted an interview with local furniture retailers to understand the impact of the sudden fuel shortage on the furniture industry.

The local furniture retailer said that the current supplier is not experiencing delays due to fuel shortages, but the immediate impact of the problem has made them very worried.

Ciaran Leyne, director of Trilogy Designs in London, said that there are no problems for the time being, but he is not optimistic about the recent supply situation and can only see steps.

If the fuel shortage worsens, the use of electric vehicles is a viable option. But Frank Powell, director of bathroom retailer Lily Bain Bathrooms and Tiles, said that electric car charging piles are not fully popularized in the UK, so not every retailer can choose to use electric cars.

Jan Ivy, director of Bathroom Design Studio, said, “Each bathroom renovation project requires products from 12 to 15 different suppliers, making transportation and logistics an important part of the business.”

She said that in the past, all product parts were sent to the store, and after they were received, they were delivered to customers at one time to save fuel consumption and manpower. But now there are problems with the supply, it needs to be transported in batches, and the demand for fuel consumption has inevitably increased.

In this way, all links of the British furniture industry cannot be separated from fuel. If there is a shortage of fuel, the blow will be huge, and it will be even worse for the already severely lagging supply chain.

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