Panasonic and will launch a whole-house care solution

Promote the landing of aging household equipment.

On the day of the Double Ninth Festival on October 11, Panasonic will cooperate with to hold the JD Shopping Festival and the launch conference of "Warming Sun Action". It aims to promote the implementation of aging home appliances in the family and bring a new concept of healthy life for the elderly in China.

Panasonic has been deeply involved in the elderly care field for more than 20 years, and its long-term investment has accumulated rich industrial experience for the brand. With the concept of "Panasonic Smart and Healthy City", Panasonic is providing residents with a "safe, safe and comfortable" living environment, allowing users to enjoy a high-quality life.

For example, the introduction of a folding shower chair can not only prevent the elderly from falling while taking a bath, but also improve the comfort of taking a bath. In addition, Panasonic pays attention to every detail of the life of the elderly. The fixed handrails installed on the wall will assist the elderly to stabilize their bodies and become a safety line of defense.


The sliding handrail in front of the toilet not only gives the elderly a sense of psychological security, but also saves a lot of effort when standing; the bathroom cabinet adopts humanized anti-collision corners, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of bumps and injuries. The length and shape of the fixed armrests are diversified and can be customized according to different home environments. It is suitable for installation and use in a variety of home environments such as "bath chairs" and "smart toilets". 


In fact, the country has issued relevant policies many times to promote the development of homes suitable for the elderly. Some powerful companies have also begun to actively deploy the health and wellness race track. Various categories of aging-friendly household products are appearing intensively, involving life scenes such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

As a Japanese brand that is one of the representatives of the aging society, Panasonic' s attention and investment in the elderly care business began as early as 1998. Matsushita Health Care Business adheres to the principle of "relying on Panasonic' s technology and products to achieve dignified elderly care". It uses the abilities of the elderly to make them self-reliant, liberating the elderly from physical and living burdens, and helping the elderly and their families. To achieve a happy and smiling life. Panasonic takes the product + space proposal as the two axes to meet the real needs of users and improve the quality of users' life services.


As Li He, the general manager of Panasonic Health Care Business, said, as the age increases, the world that the elderly can see becomes smaller and smaller. How to let the elders live at home with dignity, even if they grow older, they can live out themselves and be optimistic. The spirit of Panasonic is the point that Panasonic pays most attention to and wants to show the most.

This time, Panasonic Health Care and have launched a whole-house care solution. Through’ s powerful channels, Panasonic Health Care will promote the rapid popularization of aging household equipment among the people.

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