JD Indonesia offline Super Sports Store officially launched, covering categories such as home furnishings and 3C


The store occupies an area of 1,300 square meters.

Recently, JD Indonesia' s offline Super Sports Store opened in West Java, Indonesia. The store covers an area of 1,300 square meters, covering products such as smart phones, laptops, household appliances, household and furniture products.

In terms of space utilization, in addition to the retail scene, it can also be used as a new product release, e-sports live broadcast or even a concert scene.

According to reports, JD Indonesia has built 18 warehousing centers and 142 distribution stations in the local area. Its distribution network can cover 90% of its provinces and more than 500 cities, and 85% of orders can be delivered on the same day and next day.

Official data show that the compound growth rate of JD Indonesia in the past five years is about twice the average growth rate of local e-commerce companies, and the number of service partners exceeds 30,000. JD Indonesia stated that its systematic supply chain infrastructure and technical services can provide Chinese brands with a "carry-in" service for exploring the Indonesian market.

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