KLF upgrade: new industry 4.0 system, plus smart manufacturing!

Realize the direction of doubling revenue, production capacity, efficiency and profit.

On October 11th, KLF' s "New Empowerment, Stable and Far-reaching" brand upgrade conference was successfully held in Hefei. The brand-new brand system was released to the public, and Industry 4.0 and VI identification systems were officially launched, opening a new milestone for brand new development.

At the press conference, the leader took the stage to give a speech. In recent years, KLF has continuously promoted the upgrade of the smart home industry, promoted the innovation of the industrial Internet, industrial chain, supply chain, and talent chain, and opened a digital management model.

Visual upgrade, focusing on brand rejuvenation

Subsequently, Mr. Yin Shaojie, Chief Brand Officer of KLF Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., carried out the brand interpretation.

The overall brand identity is more refreshing than the original brand identity. The bright red on the top of Fu echoes the brand color of KLF as before, symbolizing confidence and happiness.

The "one" in the word "Fu" refers to a family. Only by supporting each other for the rest of their lives can they have the confidence to go for the better. According to different scenarios, different interpretations of the brand logo are carried out to strengthen consumers' awareness of the connotation of the KLF brand, and strive to become a happy home brand trusted by the Chinese.

The new industry 4.0 system opens up the era of smart home

Then, Mr. Yin Qihong, chairman of KLF Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., gave a detailed introduction to the Industry 4.0 system.

From the Yaohai production base in Anhui, East China, the Foshan production base in Guangdong, South China, to the intelligent production base in Xinqiao Airport, Hefei, KLF' s production scale continues to expand, introducing brand-new production machines, visualized intelligent sections to improve product production efficiency, and more The release of Morandi water paint products.

The self-developed LF Cloud Platform has successfully realized one-click drawing and one-click order placement, which improves the efficiency of order processing and patiently solves the problems reported by customers.

Through the realization of interactive design, supply chain logistics and distribution, 5G intelligent manufacturing is realized, and the development of the direction of revenue, production capacity, and human efficiency and profit doubling is realized, and the industry 4.0 system is fully opened.

This brand upgrade conference is a brand new development opportunity for the brand, and it is also the beginning of the new development of KLF. In the future, KLF will surely accelerate its take-off. 

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