Red Star Macalline will set up 30 "trend furniture theme pavilions" in its No.1 store nationwide

In the next three years, Red Star Macalline will invest nearly 10 billion related resources to support the trendy furniture theme pavilion.

Red Star Macalline and Ronglin Home jointly released the "Store Opening Double Plan".

Zhu Jiagui, executive president of Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group and general manager of the large operation center, said that trendy furniture will be one of the key categories of Red Star Macalline. Zhu Jiagui said that Red Star Macalline respects originality and will build a "Trend furniture theme pavilion" in shopping malls across the country, support a large number of new hot-selling original home furnishing brands, and lead the new trend of the country!

For many people, when it comes to European-style furniture, American-style furniture, mahogany furniture and solid wood furniture, everyone knows it, but if you mention trendy furniture, you don't necessarily know it.

In this regard, Zhu Jiagui said on the spot that, based on the embarrassing situation of the trendy furniture market in the past that there were only industry brands and no consumer brands, Red Star Macalline decided to adopt a number of strategic measures to fully empower brand manufacturers to create a new batch of hot brands of new products for the retail market.

On the one hand, Red Star Macalline upgraded the past home suite theme pavilion into a trendy furniture theme pavilion. The upgraded fashion furniture theme pavilion will quickly complete the adjustment of the number of brand stores and the adjustment of brand business area in the layout of the mall.

Specifically, the original suite brands are subdivided and classified in styles through the "6 major areas + 2 major characteristic areas", and upgraded to a special furniture pavilion with different styles and leading the development of the industry. The 6 main areas are the whole house design area, the trendy two halls area, the national tide Chinese style area, the solid wood modern area, the solid wood assembly area, and the light luxury fashion area; the 2 characteristic areas are the European and American residence area and the mahogany cultural area. After the adjustment, the style of the fashion furniture theme pavilion is complicated and simple, and the consumer experience is enhanced. Top and best-selling brands will get more and better display and promotion opportunities.

According to the plan, by the end of this year, Red Star Macalline will set up 30 trend furniture theme pavilions in the No.1 store nationwide, and at least 100 trend furniture theme pavilions will be set up in the country in the next three years. At the same time, Red Star Macalline will also focus on supporting a large number of super brand stores to help these brands become bigger and stronger.

It is envisaged that in the next three years, Red Star Macalline will invest nearly tens of billions of related resources to transform the trend furniture theme pavilion from the previous Red Star Macalline shopping mall's largest category into a super trend center for Chinese trendy furniture trends. At the same time as promoting market development, a large number of C-end well-known trendy furniture brands were finally incubated.

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