Easy Home: Welcome Gome into the home furnishing industry!

Easy Home: The home appliance industry has a huge share, and Easy Home welcomes industry partners to join.

On the evening of May 12, Easy Home New Retail Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Easy Home) released a record sheet of investor relations activities.

Some investors asked Easy Home: What does the company think of traditional retail giants such as Gome entering the home furnishing store? Will it affect the company's market share? What countermeasures does the company have?

"The home furniture appliance industry has a huge share, and the home furniture appliance industry welcomes industry partners to join." Easy Home replied. The industry has 20 years of operating experience in the home furnishing industry. It is now accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading and building a global traffic platform. Consumers provide whole-home improvement lifecycle solutions ranging from design, construction, retail, logistics, smart life, to butler services, leading the industry to upgrade and develop.

The record sheet also disclosed that the GMV of Easy Home exceeded 80 billion yuan in 2019, and the GMV affected by the epidemic in 2020 is 65.7 billion yuan. This year’s GMV is expected to increase to a certain extent compared with 2019. In addition, there will be good growth in sales of  home improvement, auxiliary materials and smart home . This year, Easy Home will achieve performance growth through three major measures, including:

With sales as the core, we will make every effort to increase store sales and increase the income of existing stores;

Accelerate the chain development of county-level cities, and further accelerate the pace of the main home furnishing chain;

Accelerate digital transformation, build a global traffic platform, and provide consumers with home improvement lifecycle solutions from design, construction, retail, logistics, smart life, and butler services through the layout of the six major tracks, thereby improving sales performance.

Public information shows that the operating income of Easy Home is 8.993 billion yuan in 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 2.56%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 1.363 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 56.81%.

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