Easy Home: Actually decorated sales in the first half of the year surpassed the entire year of last year

At present, there are actually 70 decorated stores covering 26 cities across the country, with more than a thousand cooperating designers and 355 cooperating brands.

A few days ago, Easy Home made a basic introduction to the performance of the decoration business in the first half of the year, and conducted a comprehensive review of the business model of the decoration business.

The decoration business is divided into three major sections: the top-level design center, the happy house and the fast house decoration. 

Statistics show that the sales of decorations in the first half of 2021 have fully surpassed that of the whole year of 2020. At present, there are actually 70 decorated stores covering 26 cities across the country, with more than a thousand cooperating designers and 355 cooperating brands.

In order to realize the digital management of the entire link from design to materials, from construction to after-sales home improvement, decoration has independently developed a construction management APP to provide owners, designers and material vendors with free professional tools and customized services, and provide a complete decoration plan.

 The whole process of home decoration is online. The online construction platform brings together excellent local construction teams, and uses the online platform as a carrier to provide customers with appointment, consultation, housing measurement, design, contracting, material selection, site management, supervision, site acceptance, evaluation and other decoration life-cycle services. For example, through technical means such as "face recognition", functions such as site live broadcast, safety management, worker attendance management, and early warning reminders can be realized on mobile devices to make the entire decoration process online, transparent, and visual, and avoid the construction team to cut corners and cut corners.

At present, the entire life cycle of decorative home decoration has achieved digital closed loop: the application of electronic signatures significantly improves the efficiency of signing contracts compared with traditional signatures; the installation of 360° cameras on the construction site improves construction and management efficiency; construction APP allows customers to real-time Understand the progress of the construction site, reduce the intermediate links of customer feedback, and view contracts, order information, payment, etc. online.

At the same time, the decoration actually establishes high seas and private sea management pools in the platform to obtain customers. If the contract fails or the service is unsatisfactory within the specified time of the system, customer information will enter the high seas, and other service personnel will grab orders to serve, prompting the service personnel to improve their business level. 

In addition, the long chain and long time of the home improvement process determine that the customer needs to connect with more than ten service personnel during the entire renovation process, and the service quality and efficiency are greatly affected. 

The decoration actually breaks through the traditional home improvement sub-commission mechanism and refines the entire home improvement service chain. Each servicer obtains income through contribution value and cuts off the gray interest chain of traditional home improvement, so that the sub-commission mechanism tends to be equalized and fair. At the same time of service quality, we will create a home improvement service Acn cooperation model of “more work, more gains, fairness and transparency”, which aggregates and empowers designers, distributors, brand factories, construction service providers and other ecological service providers, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of the company.

Designers, suppliers, and construction teams have long settlement cycles and slow capital operations, which are also a major industry pain point that plagues service providers. Based on this, the decoration finds its place on the online settlement service platform for all service roles, and utilizes the powerful system platform support in the commission settlement mode to achieve transparent reconciliation, timely payment, process compliance, guarantee service role rights, and improve operations efficiency.

At the same time, the decoration uses big data technology to carry out accurate crowd portraits and cloud system classification based on customer source information of different channels, establish a differentiated service model, and provide services by dedicated service personnel, through virtual accounts, electronic signing, and contract quotation online Visualize and build a secure customer privacy protection system, from the source to follow-up design, decoration, purchase of main materials, and logistics to prevent leakage of customer information and provide customers with online service convenience.

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