Easy Home and LG have launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation, and will become LG' s second offline position

Easy Home will focus on accelerating the pace of development of home furnishing sales venues nationwide, and accelerate the penetration of the sinking market.

On August 28th, the Jinyuan Store of Easy Home officially released the LG Object Collection Huan Ran series of home appliances. 

The strategic cooperation conference with the theme of "Change Home, Awakening Life" is held this time, aiming to meet consumers' increasing demand for "beautiful and practical" home appliances, so that more families can experience minimalist beauty and high-end beauty of home improvement. After the official release of the product, Easy Home will simultaneously launch the same series of home appliances in the national online and offline markets.

It is worth mentioning that Easy Home has also become LG' s second position in the world to expand the offline market after opening physical stores in Europe. It is understood that starting from 2019, with the empowerment and blessing of Easy Home, high-end home furnishing stores in various cities across the country have successively built healthy high-end home appliance experience halls to jointly build a quality and healthy one-stop shopping platform for consumers. 

Wang Peng, Vice President of Easy Home, said that in the first half of this year, Easy Home continued to promote the development of intra-city stations, focusing on customer needs, starting from home furnishing aesthetics, and using live broadcast as the front-end marketing tool to empower local distributors. Let consumption eventually return to offline physical stores. It is precisely because of the acceleration of the digital and intelligent transformation of the unexpected home that has opened up a new growth space for the company. 

In the first half of 2021, the home industry will focus on the home furnishing industry and actively expand the self-operated and IP business track, creating design, construction, base material and auxiliary material procurement, smart home and home furnishing sales, logistics and after-home improvement services and other key nodes delivery and service capabilities, and gradually improve the overall closed loop of the home improvement and home furnishing industry service platform.

Wang Peng said that since the cooperation between Easy Home and LG Electronics, the two parties have achieved and empowered each other by virtue of the consistent business philosophy, and adhered to the concept of working together to create a better home life for consumers, and gained a good reputation in the industry. In the future, Easy Home will continue to work with high-quality brands and distributors to focus on accelerating the pace of development of home furnishing stores nationwide, accelerating penetration in the sinking market, and providing consumers with the best home furnishing services and products.

In the future, with the deepening of digital and intelligent transformation, the superimposed industry will be concentrated on the head, and the home will continue to move forward on the road of "overall stylization" of home appliances, and it will also bring more beautiful and practical appearances. A series of household products, together with the vast number of consumers, deeply cultivate the new concept of "space aesthetics home".

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