Emeralds become "darlings"? Insight into 8 major home furnishing trends in 2021

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Recently, the professional design team of Wayfair, the largest furniture e-commerce platform in the United States, has predicted the 8 most noteworthy fashion design trends in 2021 through research on home furnishing consumption.

In addition, the American luxury e-commerce platform 1stdibs also completed the 2021 interior design fashion trend survey through the fourth annual survey of interior designer trends and hundreds of interior designers around the world.

Wayfair: 8 popular design trends in 2021

Wayfair's professional design team studied the changes in home improvement in the new year and predicted 8 popular design trends worth paying attention to in 2021.

  • Natural inspiration: Since 2020, we have been eager for nature and outdoor environment more than ever. The Wayfair team said that organic materials and pure textiles show the beauty, structure and irregular beauty of nature. Earth colors, organic shapes and textures, woven rattan and recycled materials, all convey our needs for sustainable design and daily health.

  • Curved design: According to the Wayfair team, modern curved materials make the room look softer and more comfortable, while maintaining a refined design. The round furniture and other elements inject a sense of clarity, refinement and freshness into the room. It is close to the Parisian style, that is, the fusion of art and design, simple lines, neutral light colors, and softness as its characteristic.

  • The revival of trends in the 1980s: Well-designed works inspired by the style of the 1980s often adopt the meaning of sculpture and use colors purposefully. These design works often present the wild side of geometric figures, interesting, rich, and exaggerated, using shiny metal, oversized, high gloss, bold shapes and vibrant colors to express their characteristics.

  • Bright emeralds: emeralds with high saturation are reminiscent of spring moss, pine forests and the revival of everything. Experts recommend using this color to bring nature into the interior, which can be used on walls, velvet sofas or high-end furniture.

  • Combination of tradition and modernity: Combine medieval works with more traditional elements to make classic items more modern. Jumping colors, nostalgia, and humor are important elements of this trend.

  • Modern bohemian style: featuring neutral colors, unique patterns and metals. Bohemia is now more of an adjective than a noun. It represents an aesthetic inherited from the free spirit of past generations. The modern bohemian style emphasizes the national characteristics of the 1950s and 1970s.

  • Classical charm style: Chic silhouette, charming style and decorative art are integrated. This style is the early product of Hollywood classic charm, and draws inspiration from high-end and fancy interior design. The modern and gorgeous appearance is usually achieved by a combination of three colors: metallic colors such as gold and silver + neutral colors such as black and white + key colors such as pink and gray.

  • Comfortable style: The designer recommends using timeless classic works to evoke people's tactility of memories of the past. This style takes the advantages of functional forward-looking design and combines it with enough aesthetic details to make the interior decoration more comfortable and popular. Retro furniture, velvet curtains and soft and comfortable pillows all add color to the comfortable style.

1stdibs: Jewel tones become darling, 70s style is back on stage

Designers surveyed generally believe that online home shopping will increase substantially in 2021. In this survey, the highlight is the color trend, with gemstone shades like emerald and navy blue becoming the most popular color in 2021. Returning to the United States in the 70s style has once again become one of the popular trends in the home furnishing industry in 2021. In addition, designers have begun to focus on introducing outdoor wind into interior design through natural and organic styles, thereby expanding outdoor spaces.

"In the past year, the epidemic has brought tremendous changes to our home life. Designers have also begun to spend more time thinking about what kind of space people like and how to optimize the design to meet the needs of daily life." 1stdibs editor-in-chief Anthony (Anthony Barzilay Freund) said.

Color trend: emeralds top the list

In the 1stdibs survey, the gem tone topped the list for the second year in a row, with emerald favoring 24% and navy blue favoring 23%. In addition, the popularity of warm earth colors has risen sharply. For example, burnt orange and mustard yellow have a 22% vote rate, the largest increase from last year. The yellow and orange votes rose by 13% and 15% respectively. Among the top five colors, white also won 22% of the votes, an increase of 11% over last year.

Designer Gll Melott said: “I found that when people spend more time indoors, they will adopt more earth tones, thus awakening inner peace and comfort, and at the same time, embracing the outdoors. The desire is even stronger. We believe that richer colors will redefine the feeling of the whole home: comfortable, safe and attractive.“

Design pattern: flowers and plants style become popular

The patterns of flowers and other plants received a quarter of the favorite votes. Designer Laura Hodges said: "We are born to yearn for nature and often find inspiration from it. Therefore, in interior design, we choose more plant-style wallpapers, hand-painted natural wind murals, green plants and gardens to decorate the home."

Retro fashion: the charming 70s style reappears

The designer said that the trend of the 1970s is returning, with 29% of the votes. This trend has promoted the popularity of bright tones and earth tones.

In Europe and America, the 1970s was a fascinating golden age. This era was a mixture of pop, retro, bohemian, punk and other styles. Because Europe was in economic depression at that time, excessively luxurious dressing was no longer the mainstream, and gradually a more diverse style has emerged. Among them, individual patterns and psychedelic prints are also reflected in the home.

"From fashion, to earthy colors, to the feeling of freedom and individuality. I can always find inspiration in Bohemian style, it seems to be reviving," said designer Angie Hranowsky , "Whether modern furniture or traditional furniture contains detailed patterns of flowers and wheat ears, we can now look at it from a more modern perspective."

Purchasing of handicraft furniture is rising all the way

Designers’ purchases of furniture from craftsmen have soared. This is the fourth consecutive year that the proportion has risen. It has increased by 61% from last year’s 542%.

In addition, the popularity of modern styles is also on the rise. In the survey, it ranked first with a support rate of 31%. The second and third places are the medieval style and the art deco style, respectively, with a ratio of 24. % and 22%.

Looking back on 2020, the survey found that the online purchase rate of home furnishing has risen sharply. According to the designer, their online shopping percentage rose from 56% to 73%. Looking ahead to next year, the most anticipated residential design change is the increase in outdoor space, which won 78% of the votes. Home office is also predicted to be more popular in the coming year, with 76% of the votes.

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