Outer, an outdoor furniture brand founded by Chinese, enters the Australian market

Source:77° Global Furniture Media

Outer, which received only US$50 million in financing last month, entered the Australian market as the first step in international expansion.

Recently, the American outdoor furniture brand Outer, co-founded by Chinese Liu Jiake and Terry Lin, announced its entry into the Australian market.

After the brand announced last month that it received US$50 million in Series B financing, the first stop for international expansion was to land in Australia.

This expansion coincides with the local summer when consumers are preparing for outdoor garden furniture.

The brand will take the so-called "world' s most comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly outdoor furniture" to Australia in another hemisphere.

Outer brings handmade furniture made from recycled materials to the international market. These products can also withstand the test of inclement weather.

The all-weather wicker series and 1188 eco-friendly carpet are made from recycled plastic bottles and hand-woven by master craftsmen, while the aluminum series are guaranteed to be used outdoors for more than 10 years.

The company is also known for its material innovations. They have developed patented fabrics that are both environmentally friendly and anti-fouling, anti-fading and anti-mildew.

Outer has achieved rapid growth during the epidemic, and the company' s innovative retail model "neighborhood showroom" is also a major driving force for its expansion.

Specifically, the "neighborhood showroom" model is that Outer consumers can voluntarily become the company' s "showroom", as a "showroom" inviting other users to visit and experience the brand' s furniture, and can share the real experience of use.

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