The Zephyr Lounger brings Wilson’s distinctive fluid forms and ergonomic finesse to Tait’s range of robust outdoor products.

A ‘Zephyr’ — often referred to in sailing where a yacht may catch a gentle, uplifting breeze — is a phenomenon that draws parallels to the windswept, graceful lines of the Zephyr Lounger.

The nautically-influenced piece by celebrated Sydney-based designer, Charles Wilson, sets sail on his debut release for leading Australian outdoor furniture manufacturer, Tait. 

But beware — lazing the day away in the Zephyr Lounger might lead you to believe you were gliding through the Whitsundays on a yacht.


A collaboration between Charles Wilson (who’s worked with the likes of Herman Miller and Menu) and Tait has been a long time coming. 

Debuting his latest work with the brand, the Zephyr Lounger brings Wilson’ s distinctive fluid forms and ergonomic finesse to Tait’s range of robust outdoor products.

“I’ve always admired Charles’ highly sophisticated work and was excited to see how the design could translate into Tait’s range,” explains Tait’s Founding Director, Gordon Tait.

The graceful, windswept lines of the seat and backrest take on a sail-like pose and create the framework for form-fitting upholstery. 

“I thought it would be a good idea to explore designing a modern sling-style lounger, in principle not too different from your classic camping chairs (which were very comfortable), though something a little more elegant,” explains Wilson on his conceptualisation of the lounger. 

“There’s undoubtedly a strong nautical connection with the piece — it was intentional. Even down to the way the woven rope detail provides tension to the seat and backrest, it reminds me of the rigging on a yacht,” Charles continues.


Offering intuitive and forgiving support at all the right touchpoints, the Zephyr Lounger provides elevated, ergonomic comfort in the outdoors. 

Through the slightly accentuated recline and tensioned sling-style canvas, both lower back and upper neck are gently cradled. 

Breathable marine-grade canvas and a gap between seat and backrest allow for air movement through the piece. Even in the presence of a gentle breeze on a hot day, the lounger keeps you cool and comfortable.


Another notable feature of the design is the die-cast stainless steel armrests which ground the piece both visually and physically, due to their considerable weight. 

In keeping with Wilson’ s signature graceful line-work, armrests taper up organically from the leg, appearing at the ideal height to catch a perched elbow. The armrests also provide added support for users who may require assistance in standing up and out from the lounger.

“We spent a considerable amount of time getting the upholstery just right. We’ve used the highest performing marine-grade canvas available on the market, with a proven track record for use in extreme marine applications (predominantly for ocean vessels, not coincidently). A lot of the outdoor fabrics of this grade can be very plastic-y and rigid, so it was imperative that the canvas offered breathability, malleability and softness to the touch. Factors which give the Zephyr its luxurious tactility, without compromising performance,” discusses Tait’s Creative Director, Susan Tait.

“We’re really loving the matched tonal pairings of the canvas with our textured powder coat finishes. As always, we’ve drawn a lot of our colour inspiration from Australian nature. We’ve focused the offering on three colour-ways; Blue-gum, Dunes and Grevillea,” Susan continues.


The Zephyr Lounger is offered in four options — low-back, high-back, with, or without arms

Featuring high-performance materiality to withstand extreme coastal conditions; the frame is formed stainless steel extrusion, the arms are manufactured with solid die-cast stainless steel, the canvas is marine-grade, and the frame may be finished in a choice of hard-wearing, exterior-grade and UV stable textured powder coat.

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