"2021 China Internet Home Improvement Consumption Trend White Paper" released


Dessmann continues to be the TOP1 brand of Tmall household hardware.

Recently, CBN Commercial Data Center and Tmall jointly released the "2021 China Internet Home Improvement Consumption Trend White Paper".

Based on consumer big data, the report provides insights into the consumption upgrade and population change of the Internet home improvement industry, extracts seven new consumer trends such as standardization, personalization, intelligence, and health, and puts forward a four-dimensional outlook for the future. In this Internet home improvement consumer trend insight, the leading category in the hardware market-smart locks gradually emerged.

According to the consumption data of CBNData, the consumption scale of household hardware has steadily expanded in the past three years, and the consumption of locks has accounted for half of the country.

At the same time, compared to the overall situation, the top brands in the hardware market have shown a faster growth rate, and the development trend of "the strong are always strong" is becoming more and more obvious. Among them, smart locks, as a pioneer, are accelerating the branding process. In the 2020-2021 Tmall brand household hardware TOP5 brand list, three smart lock brands are on the list at the same time, and Dessmann has been on the brand list for two consecutive years. TOP1, the market share growth rate reached 50%. The market share growth rate of the second place is 15%.

While the head effect of the smart lock industry is becoming more and more significant, it cannot be ignored that behind the gradually opened market, consumer demand is continuously increasing, and the industry threshold is also continuously rising.

In this context, building one' s own brand power and occupying the minds of consumers is the key to long-term development opportunities for smart lock companies. To enhance brand power, we need to insist on product innovation, strengthen interaction with consumers, and create brand value on the basis of clear and precise brand positioning.

Take the number one smart lock brand Dessmann as an example. At the product level, we focus on user experience and continue to create leading products that meet the upgrading needs of users. At the interactive level, we focus on all-round and three-dimensional communication with consumers, and we are deeply engaged. While in the offline market, we will fully deploy the pan-online media channels to shorten the distance between users; at the brand level, we are always committed to creating a professional, safe, and high-end brand image, which is in line with the young generation's pursuit of high-quality lifestyles.

In the future, the smart lock industry will continue to upgrade. As the industry becomes more mature, the head effect will become more and more obvious, and the power of the brand will be fully demonstrated. However, brand building is a long-term process, and smart locks are also a durable product that requires long-term use to establish a brand awareness of the product. Deepening brand mentality and building long-term brand power are the key to development.

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