Fusen-Noble House & ShenZhen Furniture Association reached a strategic agreement: Broaden New Space and Innovate the Future Together

Source:Sina Home Jan 14,2021

Fusen-Noble House and Shenzhen Furniture Association signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement

On January 13, Fusen-Noble House and Shenzhen Furniture Association signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement.

Two flagship enterprises through a new joint, a new cut, once again to broaden the development of the industry in new space. At the same time, with the supply chain resources and years of accumulated design resources, Fusenmi-Noble further accelerate the new retail upgrade.

Fusenmi-Noble and the ShenZhen Furniture Association can first put the resources in the same dimension and chain, through the platform interaction between the consumer end and the industrial end, quickly realize the shaping, practice, feedback and upgrade of the high-end lifestyle, to achieve the complementary advantages of the two platforms and ecological sharing.

In the future, how to improve the core competitiveness of China's home furnishing industry?

Rely on commercial innovation, build new industrial competitiveness.

When the development of the industry relies on the precise practice of top-level innovation and bottom-level innovation, it will be easier for all parties in the industry chain to find the key logic of future core competitiveness and efficiently boost the comprehensive upgrading of the industry.

In the future, the driving force of China's home furnishing industry depends not only on associations and exhibitions, but also inseparable from channels and consumers, whether it is strategic iteration and evolution, business model reshaping, ecological chain upgrades, and industrial integration and coordination. The comprehensive strategic cooperation between Fusen-Noble House and ShenZhen Furniture Association, based on their respective successful models and business advantages in the professional field, fully connects the advantageous resources of the industry and the consumer side, and accelerates the construction of the future driving force of the Chinese home furnishing industry.

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