Dialogue with the Italian Furniture Luxury Brand Chiara Provasi

Having participated in many international exhibition and been widely praised, CHIARA PROVASI’s appearance at Furniture China 2018 is undoubtedly anticipated.

Chiara Provasi, as an internationally renowned indoor designer, has the eye-catching works due to their highly individualized and diversified characteristics. And the eponymous brand CHIARA PROVASI founded by her, is also the only brand allowed to apply the exclusive elements and materials of the luxury brands to the furniture in the world, presents the unique modern light luxury products with the Italian manufacturing technology and the creation full of artistic atmosphere.




Having participated in many international exhibition and been widely praised, CHIARA PROVASI’s appearance at Furniture China 2018 is undoubtedly anticipated.




Q: What are the new products brought to this exhibition, and what are the innovations in design / process / material?


It is the first time for the wave combination sofa and its matching series, the new products at Salone del Mobile.Milano this year, to appear in the market of China. Being able to realize the multiple free combination and conversion, such set of sofa is strongly plastic and is very suitable for the designers to make combination according to their own ideas.


Additionally, there is the new product series of CHIARA PROVASI for this fall as well, and the fabrics and accessories of many luxury brands have been applied to such set of products which can be considered as luxury fashion household furnishings.




Q: Use three key words to describe the design idea and product style?


Unique, fashionable and colorful.


Q: What are the differences between the household furnishings market in Italy and China? Is there any product specialized for the Chinese consumers?


The differences are mainly reflected in the application of fabrics and materials as well as the unique original product design.


Next year, Chiara Provasi will introduce the products specially designed for the Chinese consumers, and the products will be more suitable for the Chinese residential layout and will be closer to the Chinese consumers’ preferences.


Q: What is the Chiara Provasi’s consumer group positioning in the market of China?


We target the mid-to-high-end consumer groups in the market of China. The Italian plant will directly face the terminal distributors in China so as to reduce the intermediate costs. We will be devoted to presenting the Chinese consumers with the best products in the reasonable price.


Q: As a luxury furniture brand, how does Chiara Provasi establish China’s furniture market?


Experience. Furniture is the product that the consumers use every day, and they especially care about the comfort level of the products.


We make the consumers fully experience the comfort and the aesthetic feeling of design before they purchase. Only through their personal feelings, the consumers can fully understand and trust the products. In addition, we also promise to provide 100% Italian original import for the consumers.


Q: What are your advantages and challenges after entering the market of China? What is your development vision in the future?


The Chinese consumers can purchase more and more products of the international high-end furniture brands in domestic China.


In the market of China, the greatest challenge is the market and the consumers’ awareness of our products.


We always believe that the products can conquer consumers.


Q: What is the main sales channel of Chiara Provasi in China?


The personnel of Italian plant in China directly face the terminal distributors in China, and the distributors in all the places directly face the local consumers.


Q: What resources do you want to get at Furniture China 2018?


China is comprehensively developing. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, we will also look for the experienced and capable distributors and agents in other capital cities and important cities in China, to bring the high-quality products of Chiara Provasi to the local consumers.




(Source: JJgle.com)

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