US mattress maker Southland builds a nearly 30,000-square-meter factory, which may increase production capacity by 30%

This action comes at a time when the market' s demand for high-quality sleep products is rising sharply.

Recently, Southerland, an American mattress manufacturer, announced that it is installing state-of-the-art new equipment for its new factory, which will increase its 318,000 square feet (approximately 29,500 square meters) new factory capacity by 30% to expand its product categories, to meet the changing market demand.

Since 1893, Southernland has been committed to producing high-quality mattresses, with the aim of using only first-class materials and components for production. The company currently has six production and distribution facilities in Nashville, Tennessee, Phoenix, Arizona, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Tualatin, Oregon, with a total area of nearly 600,000 square feet (approximately 56,000 square meters).

Southerland reorganized the new factory around the principles of lean manufacturing. Production is carried out in a linear mode from the back end of the factory (raw material storage) to the front end (assembly completion) to simplify the entire manufacturing process.

In addition, Southernland has also purchased advanced equipment, which will be able to increase the output of its line of bedding products-the product line that benefits the most is the iBnB line and the company' s exclusive line for online retailer Wayfair. At the same time, the new layout is equipped with a third production line for its adjustable base series.

Considering that the demand for bedding by many users now exceeds the overall supply capacity of the market, this is also an appropriate measure for Southland, which can further occupy a favorable position in the market.

After the renovation is completed, Southernland will move its corporate office to the new factory, and will open a large exhibition hall on the site, increasing its exhibition space from 2,000 square feet (approximately 186 square meters) to 7,000 square feet (approximately 650 square meters) Meter).

In addition, the new plant will also serve as the truck fleet base for the company' s existing transportation department of more than 50 trucks. An important purpose of this move is to provide drivers with lounges and more convenient facilities, provide drivers with benefits, and ensure transportation efficiency.

This new plant can also be said to be Southland' s investment in the future, because it is reported that demand will continue to grow for the rest of this year and next year. It is hoped that this action can consolidate its total productivity and meet the growing needs of retail partners on this basis.

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