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What is DTS Matchmaking Events?
Matchmaking Events is a newly introduced constituent in Furniture China Digital Trade Show, it gathers assorted furniture suppliers under specified categories, buyers with according requirements towards products from these suppliers are welcomed to sign up for the events, and interact with recommended suppliers.
Who is DTS Matchmaking Events for?

DTS Matchmaking Events is a suitable place for:

Furniture & Furniture accessories manufacturers

Furniture Importers & Exporters

Wholesalers & Retailers

Professional Buyers

How to engage in DTS Matchmaking Events?

Online Matchmaking goes on periodically at Digital Trade Show via ZOOM video meeting, we will put together manufacturers/suppliers with the intention of matching their products or services with certain demand sides.

Buyers with specific needs are advised to fill in a purchase form stating their requirements, recommended suppliers will be provided for reference. When confirmed decision is returned from buyers, matching meeting shall be arranged accordingly.

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