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In the new urban lifestyle property is getting more expensive and therefore we need to design & space plan the living space in a smarter way.
Due to sizes of room are getting smaller, after fitting in the bed & wardrobe you might not even have a space for a dresser.


A typical door is always comes in one flat piece of timber and only function as a partition for security. In this project we would like to add in extra function/ value to a typical door itself. An idea to create a hybrid door.

I was inspired from a movie where we see the changes of lifestyle from the younger generation. They no longer need a proper dresser to do their makeup, instead of sitting down they are mostly standing and walk around as long as there is a mirror around, they can turn the entire area to be their dressing room.

Looking at changes of lifestyle it means that furniture design has to certain changes too. Combining the dresser storage into a door is a new attempt for this movement. The idea is also specially catered for urban houses where most room have limited space for furniture.

In this design we combine a dresser with a timber door by creating a hidden storage that works as a dresser. Inside you will have a light, mirror, grid lines of hook for accessories & earrings. Adjustable shelving for skincare products & etc.

Material wise will be combination of solid timber, timber veneer ply, metal structure & laminated finishing.

Now the door carries the function of layer for security as well as a storage piece and we now can place this door in the furniture category as a piece of furniture.

You might name it as dresser hidden door or a door hidden dresser but I call it a DHD…


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