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Manhattan - Inspired by and made for the cosmopolitan, the city
of Manhattan is iconic, modern yet artistically sophisticated. It
was this city that inspired the design of this full set of furniture
perfect for the well-travelled executive. The generous and
bold use of smoked black finish speaks of classic old New
York sophistication. The designers’ attention to details can be
seen from the finer touches, including the meticulously curated
ceramic surfaces that are not only beautiful but also extremely
practical. Sleek round marble handles added also accentuate
the style and class of the homeowner, while stainless steel grey
accessories impart a chic, professional and posh quality.
Give yourself a private Manhattan lair wherever this home may
be, filled with chromatic beauty with this bespoke Manhattan
series that will effortlessly reflect your class and fine style. Host
a group of friends over whiskey in the living room, or over
steak in the dining area, or simply enjoy some alone time over
great music, your home will be the next in place to be.

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