• White Two Tone Dining Chairs-FYC327

    Chair - Dining Chair

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    This white two-stone dining chair is called LIma.The curved base and backrest to this modern dining chair make it feels as though the chair is molded to your shape. This, combined with the velvet upholstery and padded seat, offers plenty of comfort and support when seated. The legs are finished in matt black, creating a bold contrast to the velvet seat. Matt black is not reflective like a metallic finish, so it's ideal if you're after a smooth finish that can easily be coordinated in your interior. When you are deciding what chair to choose, consider what will suit you best. Are they going to be in a dedicated dining room that is used on special occasions? Do you want to add color? Or maybe choose a style that suits an existing room. Here at Midlife, we have got a chair for you available in every color shape and style imaginable!

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305pcs for 40HQ


Dining Room or Living Room

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