• Y51Y03 Cabinet

    Cabinet - Children's Cabinet

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1. The whole product is made of 100% pure solid wood, without any man-made boards, no laminates, no finger-joined boards, and the products are genuine at a fair price.

2. The main material is beech imported from Europe, with fine and straight wood grain, uniform texture, warm color, middle-to-high hardness among woods, beautiful and durable.

3. The dark part is FAS-grade cherry wood imported from North America, which is only used for cabinet doors and extraction panels. The wood grain is elegant, the hand feels fine, it is not easy to crack, and the color becomes warm and darker over time.

4. Auxiliary material, Paulownia wood, used for the inner and back panels of drawers. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no mold, it is the material for bellows tie rods since ancient times, and it is also a famous piano wood in ancient China.


Disguised the little duck as a bookcase,

The long duck neck is the cabinet door,

The duckbill can be used as a hook! Hang school bags, clothing, etc.

And the big belly is the drawer,

Be immersed in the beautiful picture book story at any time.






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