• Y55Y06 Cabinet

    Cabinet - Children's Cabinet

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1. The whole product is pure solid wood, without any man-made boards, without skinning, and it is genuine at a fair price.

2. The material is beech imported from Europe, the wood grain is fine and straight, the texture is uniform, the color is warm, the hardness is the upper middle of the wood, and it is beautiful and durable.

3. The auxiliary materials are paulownia wood (back panel), acrylic (bookcase door), tulip tree (drawing boards), North American black walnut (legs)


Integrate the fairy tale castle design into the furniture to give the baby a full sense of freshness.

The decorative strip at the bottom of the city wall not only enriches the shape but also prevents items from falling.

The open layout can display the books that the baby frequently reads, which is conducive to cultivating the children's reading habits.

Comes with magnetism, can also paste baby photos or fixed message notes, super convenient~

The total height of the cabinet is 112cm, which makes it easy for the baby to take it.

Size: 840*400*1120mm





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