• Y51B20 Children's bed

    Bed - Children's Bed

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1. The whole product is made of 100% pure solid wood, without any man-made boards, no laminates, no finger-joined boards, and the products are genuine at a fair price.

2. The main material is selected high-quality beech imported from Europe. The wood grain is fine and straight, the texture is uniform, the color is warm, the hardness is middle-to-upper in wood, and it is beautiful and durable.

3. The dark part is black walnut imported from North America, which is hard and dense, soft in color and precious in quality.

4. The plank is New Zealand pine.


100% pure solid wood, 360° care

Plant-extracted wood wax oil with almost no formaldehyde content

Unique shape with suitable sitting height, children can easily climb up and down

Large board straight fight, higher stability

Size: 1200*2000mm/1500*2000mm(customizable)





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