• Wood Lounge Sofa Chair

    Sofa - Armchair

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Upholstery covered by high-quality linen fabric V-tex TRF-11, with a variety of colors to choose from, suitable for different home scenarios. The advantages of high-quality linen: fullness and smoothness, thick texture, soft hand, gloss, wear resistance, good warmth retention, good flexibility, and not easy to wrinkle, etc.

The simple stitching design and a few vertical lines make this Wood Lounge Sofa Chair look wider and more elegant. There are loop protrusions at the junction of the stitching, adding a plump feeling.

The frame of this beautiful lounge Sofa chair is made of high-quality pine, solid wood material is beautiful and atmospheric, and environmentally friendly. There are also a variety of colors you can choose. Natural wood color is elegant, full of light atmosphere. Starry sky gray, frosted white, etc. can also be the best decoration for its most suitable scene.

We have tried many times for the internal structure design. High foam density and the best ratio of the seat cushion and backrest will bring you an extremely comfortable sitting feeling and durable quality. The internal spring has also undergone special treatment, so there will be no abnormal noise.

We rarely say which product we like best, but Wood Lounge Sofa Chair is definitely one of them.

Wood Lounge Sofa Chair (1)

Product Specification

Product Size      (WxLxHxSH)740X790X810MM

Wood, Fabric, Metal, Foam

Load Ability236pcs for 40HQ
Product use forBed Room or Living Room


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