• Fabric SOFA EUIPO patent original design

    Sofa - 3 Seater Sofa

  • Reference Price: $160 -- $280

  • Quantity:

 Sofa Clounds are U-LIKE original design with EUIPO registered.(Certificate below)

 Design idea: Light and shade interwave,Sofa Clouds are with contrast design, it comes from natural curve at overall shape and real wood as base, wrinkles at side of the back let it more vivid at visual.Mutiple facotors crossover, beauty melted in it.


 High Quality: The Sofa also with superoir quality and duration, we use imported pine wood as frame inside upholstery, plus the strong soild wood basements, the stability are reliable. Comforts also the core factor we consider, by 28kgs foam at cousion, the seat comforts are middle soft which are the degree of the best.




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