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    Sofa - 3 Seater Sofa

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Designed by Koda and beautifully hand-crafted by Vietnamese
wood artisans, the series of furniture features oak prominently
with a pop of modern contemporary. The modern contemporary
silhouette composed by the in-house team is relaxed and
welcoming, reflecting a mature allure without being old. The
beautiful grains of meticulously-selected oak veneer elevate the
charming rustic appeal that brings warmth and dialog to the
interior of a home, while the clever use of sleek satin black
elements accentuates the industrial-chic nature of a global
Oakwood is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. In fact, it
often stands for humble beginnings, patience, and endurance.
“The journey itself is the goal, and being happy while traveling
is the way.” The series which includes dining, living, and
bedroom collection, provides the perfect companionship for
your inner nomad as you embark on the journey to find rustic
calmness amongst the bustling skyscrapers. Return to a home
that is an escape from the chaos of a high-pressure work day
and relax into the inviting appeal of oak.

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