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Material: D2/ 1.2379, M2, T1 etc.

Usage: Crushing of waste materials in the recycling industry.

Machine: crushing machines.



1- Sizes of shredder knives include but not limited to: 

  •                 30x30x20 mm
  •                 40x40x22 mm
  •                 40x40x23 mm
  •                 50x50x20 mm
  •                 60x60x30 mm
  •                 80x80x35 mm

2- Type: Concaved crown/ Raised crown/ Flat cutter

3- Tolerance: Length/Width: ±0.15mm

                        Thickness: ±0.05mm

4- Shredder knives of hardness 52-59 HRC, lower hardness recommended for materials with admixture of metals.



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