Odo, pendant light

Design: Erika Baffico, Sebastiano Tonelli

Production: Oikoi, 2019


Odo is a pendant light which recalls the archetypal shape of the circle, the symbol of harmony and movement. It consists of two concentric elements, in aluminium and glass, placed side by side and suspended by a cord knotted around them, which allows the light to be oriented by turning the light source.

Odo is designed to emanate two intensities of light for two different uses.

One is direct and strong, produced by the printed texture on satin-finish glass and obtained by using a parametric algorithm developed during the design phase. The circular pattern featured on the surface, therefore, changes in size to diffuse the light more effectively. The pattern is denser on the section of glass which covers the light source and more spaced out towards the sides.

The indirect, soft lighting is achieved by the satin-finish glass circle which extends beyond the outer edge of the aluminium circle. The glass finish allows the light to be projected outwards, creating a striking halo of light around the light shade.


Dimensions and finishes

Material: glass, coloured aluminium, fabric

Colour: Blue Adriatico, Yellow Zenzero, White Nebbia

Dimensions: ø 350mm x 56 mm


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