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2 KM Mile Stone, Ratan Nagar, Churu, Rajasthan, India


Intrading Pvt ltd


Near the shifting sand dunes of the Thar Desert and the majestic havelis, lies our expansive vertically integrated production facility with Superior machinery and capabilities, exquisite handcrafting and talent, coalesced into one living mirage that is Churu, Rajasthan, India. Our Love for wood We have a deep respect, understanding & reverence for wood, which is translated into the furniture we build. We use a variety of natural solid wood, selected by virtue of their color, strength, hardness, grain patterns and workability. We work with Ash, Oak, Pine, Maple woods in addition to Mango, Sheesham and Acacia, among others. We are able to explore greater dimensions with wood as our enduring partner, with its characteristics and uniqueness. In this way, our designs, processes and approach are shaped to create a piece of art that is a true reflection of what the wood stands for. Who we are Intrading has over two decades of manufacturing prowess and is a reputed maker of world-class solid wood furniture venturing into Veneer furniture. Supply to some of the most demanding quality & design-oriented brands across five continents – North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Production facilities spread across 1 million sq. ft in Churu and Meerut, produce over 10,000 pieces of furniture every month. With a talented workforce of over 500 people and the use of the finest machinery from across the globe, we make consciously engineered furniture, crafted with passion and precision. Source wood through legal sources and are FSC Certified. People are the core and this is reflected by our Sedex certification. Dedicated Quality team, to ensure quality control at every stage. Proper Chemical Treatment done in the timber by Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) technology, to make our products resistant to Termites, Bugs and Borers. Adequate Seasoning done in high-tech Steam Heated Kilns, to control moisture. Our infrastructure, including 5 axis CNC machinery and a veneering plant, help us create complex product lines, ensuring consistency, repeatability and reproducibility. Work diligently towards reduction of waste and recyclability of products with our state-of-the-art machinery. We believe in giving back to nature and play an active role in planting trees, & preserving them. Our green culture and planning ensure minimum wastage and maximum preservation. Precision Engineering Our cutting-edge infrastructure, backed with advanced machinery and leading technology, facilitates us to create highly accurate and skillfully engineered products. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, including 5 axis CNC machinery and a veneering plant, help us create complex product lines, ensuring consistency, repeatability and reproducibility. Over 80% of our machinery is imported with leading brands such as Homag BMG, Bacci, Biesse Rover, Weinig, Butferring, Altendorf Panel Saw, Balestrini, Holytek, Torreda, controlling 4 side planning, wide belt sanding, tenoning/mortising, laser guided ripping, and various other machining centers. Handcrafting The use of handcrafting gives a personal touch, and offer unmatched finesse and style to our customers. Using a variety of surface textures and mixing it with well produced furniture is a unique specialization that blends innovative materials for an urban lifestyle. Reliability Our devotion to wood is translated into resourcefully made furniture that is carefully manufactured by talented people, using computer-generated technology for precision. Our approach ensures the products are of a fine quality, whether it’s one piece or one hundred. Advanced technologies and processes enable us to minimize wastage and maximize recyclability. All our resources are applied towards a collective goal – to make well-designed and enduring furniture that have been sourced ethically, and are precise and durable, with minimum wastage About the Chairman Ashish Gupta is an alumnus of the prestigious Owner President Management (OPM) program at the Harvard Business School, ICWA topper, with MBA from University of Wales, United Kingdom. He has an experience in running successful enterprises for over 25 years. Ashish took over the reins of InTrading in early 2012 with a view to build an integrated organization with world class practices in the Solid Wood Industry. InTrading is driven by his vision of redefining living spaces with high quality and durable solid wood furniture. “The aesthetics of furniture need to be complemented by high durability, low maintenance and lower carbon footprint” is the credo he lives by. With over two decades of experience in the Home Furnishing Industry, Ashish has successfully developed an influential supply base in India exporting to premium global customers across 84 countries.

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